The Society meets on the first Thursday of each month (September – April) *(Except for the January meeting which, due to holidays, might be arranged for the second Thursday) at 8.00pm in the Meeting Place, Poyntzpass Community Centre, Church Street, Poyntzpass. New Members very welcome.

The Society welcomes correspondence and would be particularly glad to hear from anyone with old photographs or other documents relating to our area in the past.

During the summer the society organises monthly outings to places of interest and stages exhibitions from time to time.

Our Outings for 2017-18:

  • Saturday APRIL 22nd 2017 – Dawn Chorus walk, with Joe Devlin. (5:30am at Sinton’s car park, Scarva)
  • Tuesday MAY 2nd 2017 – Hillsborough Castle Tour. (6:00pm by coach)
  • Saturday JUNE 24th 2017 – Day Outing to the Kilmainham Gaol Dublin and Beaulieu House and Gardens Drogheda. (8:45am by coach)
  • Thursday JULY 6th 2017 – Picnic (bring your own) at the Flagstaff. (6:30pm by car, meet in the square)
  • Thursday AUGUST 3rd 2017 – The John Martin/Harshaw Trail, with Adrian Murdock. (6:00 pm by coach)

Our Talks Programme for 2017-2018:

  • SEPTEMBER 7th 2017 – The Misses Savage Memorial Talk – The Life and Music of Robert Burns by Sheila McKeown
  • OCTOBER 5th 2017 – Porter’s Shop (At the heart of the Jerrettspass community) by Gillian Ferris
  • NOVEMBER 2nd 2017 – From the Bog to the Bay (Echoes of a Poyntzpass childhood) by Ian Jenkins
  • DECEMBER 7th 2017 – Annual General Meeting with local entertainment and Christmas supper
  • JANUARY 4th 2018 – The Alexanders of Acton House (All things bright and beautiful) by Barbara Best
  • FEBRUARY 1st 2018 – Irish Dancing (History and performance of Irish Dancing) by Catherine McAnulty
  • MARCH 1st 2018 – The History of Clare Castle (Key events from 17th century to the present day) by Hugh Daly
  • APRIL 5th 2018 – The American Civil War (Local connections) by Robert Morrow

New members and occasional visitors are always very welcome.

The Society has always prided itself on being reasonably self-sufficient in the provision of:

  • Subjects for monthly talks September – April
  • Persons to talk on such topics
  • Ideas for summer outings- one full-day outing and three evening outings per summer.

Each year the committee has a challenge of coming up with fresh ideas for all the foregoing. Accordingly we are asking for your help by responding to all or any of the following points and returning your answers at your leisure to a member of the committee.

  1. Name or describe any topic or subject you would like to suggest for a talk.
    Would you be willing to give a talk yourself on any such topic?
  2. Name (in confidence) any other person who you think would be willing and able to give a talk to the Society; and also if you can, a topic to which they would be suited.
    Name or describe any place which you would suggest as suitable for an outing, whether evening or full-day.
  3. Make any other suggestion you wish for the improved running of the Society.
  4. Finally, would you like to become more actively involved in our History Society? If so, please specify subject(s), if any, of particular interest.

Please either send us a Facebook message with your ideas or Contact Us here.
Thank you.