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You can Contact Us Here. Please note: We do try to answer our e-mails, but usually the load is too great. We also have families, pets, and day jobs. All we can do is try. Unfortunately Poyntzpass and District Local History Society does not carry out personal family history searches.


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"Before I forget" issue 13 Magazine Launch

Over 100 pages long and costing just £5 ‘Before I forget..’ is a genuine bargain and is sure to be a[...]

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We’ve changed the Facebook picture to be our iconic railway signal box

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Poyntzpass & District Local History Society

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Our committee is launching a new initiative aimed at capturing our childhood memories. We wish to hear your stories about growing up. The stories could focus on whatever you want, but here are a few examples: • Your school days and getting to school, lunches, corporal punishment, after school • Neighbours or local ‘characters’ • Harvest time, gathering potatoes, stooking hay or threshing • The impact of world events on our neighbourhood • Visitors or strangers • Games • New technology (e.g. twin tub washing machine, nylon, telephone) • Holidays Stories do not have to be exciting, or particularly long. You may or may not want to name individuals or places, however it would help if we can tie the story in with our district. Do avoid anything which would upset or cause others a problem. Alternatively, if you have an elderly neighbour or a family member with an interesting story, then you could write down their memories for them. Our overall aim is to build up a collection of these stories, so that we do not lose them, and they can be enjoyed by future generations. We do not yet know how we will share the stories, but we will make sure that we have the author’s approval for whatever we do. Message your stories in private to me using messenger, or email us at contact-us@poyntzpass.co.uk So get writing and capture those memories!

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Timeline Photos

Our Chairperson Hugh Daly, and new Committee member Robert Morrow welcome Rachel Magowan prior to her Talk on the Rev John Hall. Reverend John was born and bred in the townland of Ballygorman between Poyntzpass and Mountnorris. In 1841 at the age of 12 he attended Belfast college and ordained a Presbyterian missionary in 1851. He worked in Connaught, Armagh and Dublin before moving the New York, USA where he preached in a church on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

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Next Talk is on Thursday 2nd March when Rachel Magowan will tell us about Rev John Hall from Ballygorman.

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Timeline Photos

Here’s a stone age axe found by one of our members on the beach at Warrenpoint last year. If any stone age man reading this has lost an axe then please drop me a message. In the meantime, the axe will be on display in our museum.

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Photos from Poyntzpass & District Local History Society's post

Very interesting Talk tonight on Lady Muriel Close’s diary, given by Gillian Close. This was an intimate insight into the early life of Muriel, her worries as a wife, her concerns as a mother and her interactions with other families such as the Alexanders, the Innes, and the Halls. Here’s some photos of Gillian and members of the audience

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Folks, our next Talk is on Thursday 2nd February at 8pm. Gillian Close is presenting a talk on Lady Muriel Close’s Diary.

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Timeline Photos

Thanks to Brian O’Hare and Farming Ulster for this picture. Does it bring back memories? 1) My uncles paid 1 shilling per sack of potatoes. 2) I recall eggs being planted on top the drills in April, so when the potatoes were being gathered in September there would be a few rotten eggs being thrown. 3) Did anyone ever put a potato on the end of a stick and see how far you could fling the spud?

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Friday Quiz Question: Poyntzpass has a twin on the other side of the world. Does anyone know it’s name?

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