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Poyntzpass and District Local History Society has launched the 12th edition of its journal ‘Before I forget’
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The Irish Genealogical Research Society’s Early Irish Marriage Index has been updated again. With the addition of over 4,000 new entries, it now contains an impressive 62,065 records (from alternative sources for marriages) noting approximately 139,000 names of brides, grooms and their parents. It’s free-to-all, so why not heck it out: http://www.irishancestors.ie/?p=6207

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Next meeting is our AGM on Thursday 4th December. I’m hoping there will be some seasonal flies graveyards with the tea. Everyone is welcome!

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A link to the Speedway Track at Point Pass in South Australia (about 60 mile east of Adelaide). Does anyone remember what our connection with Point Pass is? http://www.pointpassspeedway.info/index1.html

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If you had a Time Machine, which century/decade would you like to travel back to most? I’d like to see the impact that the first steam train had on Poyntzpass in the 1850’s but that was shortly after the Famine. So maybe the opening of the Canal would have been a more exciting time, so I would opt for the 1740’s.

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Pictured below are committee members Helena Gamble and Frank Watters, flanking Hugh Daly in the centre. Tonight Hugh talked about Judge Isaac Marston, who was born in Loughadian 1839, brought up in Corlust, then emmigrated to Michigan USA in 1856 and worked his way up to become a Supreme Court Judge.

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Next Talk is on Thursday 6th November at 8pm in The Meeting Place, Poyntzpass and entitled “Judge Isaac Marston” by Hugh Daly.

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Here is a picture of the descendants of one of Poyntzpass’ most famous sons Charles Davis Lucas. Charles was first person to be nominated for a Victoria Cross. Pictured on the right is Charles’ great grandson Michael Adams from Oxfordshire, England, whilst visiting Acton Church and later Charles’ home Druminargal House.

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