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Irish in the American Civil War

A follow-up to the previous post; Hugh Murphy of Lissummon faced, and the Shiels brothers of Poyntzpass fought alongside, these men led by Irishman Col. Robert McMillan of the 24th Georgia (The Irish Legion) on this day in 1862.

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On this day 156 years ago, the battle of Fredericksburg was well underway, and the Confederates had entrenched on Marye’s Heights above the town behind a stone wall. The Union sent regiment upon regiment against the dug-in Confederates, to no end but slaughter. Poyntzpass was well represented, Hugh Murphy was present at the battle with the 21st Massachusetts of the Union army and a number of the Shiels family were serving with the Confederacy; shooting across the wall at one another. Image: The Confederate 24th Georgia (The Irish Legion) behind the stone wall on Marye’s Heights, 13th December 1863.

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Photos from Poyntzpass & District Local History Society's post

Some photos from our AGM Meeting, Thurs 6th Dec, 2018. Names for you W M

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Do you know any of the people in this photograph? We believe that they are all Poyntzpass people and the lady in the yellow and black skirt is Ginny Minnis. Her daughter was Nurse Minnis and who was the district nurse in the area. The picture could be 50+ years old.

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Photos from Poyntzpass & District Local History Society's post

At our AGM last night, proceedings were chaired by one of our members Harry Gaffney. Afterwards, Barbara Best was awarded Honorary Membership, is recognition of her significant contribution to our Local History Society, performing a variety of roles over a 30 year period. Then Hugh Daly also presented a picture story of our July trip to Iron Acton in South Gloucestershire England, the ancestral home of Sir Charles Poyntz. Finally, everyone dined on tea and Annabel’s Christmas cakes. Yum!

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You are invited to a book launch, “The History of Clare,the People, the Place and the Presbyterians” by Sarah Jennifer McClelland. Thanksgiving Service in Clare Presbyterian Church at 7:30pm on Friday 30th November 2018 followed by supper in the Church hall

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Excellent Talk tonight by Dr Roy Copeland regarding a Ploughing Match in the Fourtowns. The match took place on 16th February 1835 and was organised by the Donaghmore Farming Society. A dispute arose during the ploughing match, and continued outside the field and at the prize giving event later that it. Police were eventually called and a man shot dead. The story was reported in the local press as a “Melancholy Transaction”. Roy covered evolution of the plough, ploughing matches in Ireland, and political context of the early 19th century. Well done Roy!

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Just a reminder, our next Talk is on Thursday 1st November at 8pm in The Meeting Place in Poyntzpass. Our esteemed Vice Chairperson Roy Copeland will talk about “The 1835 Ploughing Match (A fatal event)”. Hope to see you all there! If you haven’t been before, why not try it? All visitors are welcome and it’s free, so it is.

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Photos from Poyntzpass & District Local History Society's post

Few more photos taken at Frank’s talk, 4th Oct.2018. Names especially for you, William Morrow!!!

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Hello, I happen to be Honorary Secretary of the Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust but this is just my general interest. On a local closed Facebook page (Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside) someone posted a photograph of the Commonwealth War Graves headstone of Sapper Charles Gavan Royal Engineers Regt No 5189 Aged 15 Died 20 April 1916 he was the son of John and Christina Gavan, of Acton, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh. He is actually buried in Colchester and recorded as ‘Died’ in ‘Soldiers Died in the Great War’ usually implies death as a result of illness. Soldiers Died gives his name as JOHN Gavan but all other details are the same – serving with 1/3 Lowland Field Company RE that was with a home defence division in the UK. I found an article posted by your society from about 25 years ago (John Campbell?) showing the Acton Parish Roll of Honour (not clear whether is a War Service or death in service) and I can’t see his name there. The ‘Roll’ may be specific to a particular church, of course. May I ask if there Is there any know record of him on a local war memorial? He enlisted in Glasgow but the parental contact was in Acton and he was born in Ballmore Co Armagh. Thanks in anticipation but I do understand the demands made on voluntary historical societies! Ian

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