Welcome to the Poyntzpass and District Local History Society Web Site. On this site you will find information about our society and some historical information about Poyntzpass and the surrounding District. This site will be continually expanded and improved. You can also find us on Facebook – details are at the bottom of this page. It is our hope that this site will bring the history of the area to as wide a selection of people as possible, so if you like this site please bookmark it and make sure to tell your friends.

You can Contact Us Here. Please note: We do try to answer our e-mails, but usually the load is too great. We also have families, pets, and day jobs. All we can do is try. Unfortunately Poyntzpass and District Local History Society does not carry out personal family history searches.


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Here’s a stone age axe found by one of our members on the beach at Warrenpoint last year. If any stone age man reading this has lost an axe then please drop me a message. In the meantime, the axe will be on display in our museum.

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Very interesting Talk tonight on Lady Muriel Close’s diary, given by Gillian Close. This was an intimate insight into the early life of Muriel, her worries as a wife, her concerns as a mother and her interactions with other families such as the Alexanders, the Innes, and the Halls. Here’s some photos of Gillian and members of the audience

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Folks, our next Talk is on Thursday 2nd February at 8pm. Gillian Close is presenting a talk on Lady Muriel Close’s Diary.

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Timeline Photos

Thanks to Brian O’Hare and Farming Ulster for this picture. Does it bring back memories? 1) My uncles paid 1 shilling per sack of potatoes. 2) I recall eggs being planted on top the drills in April, so when the potatoes were being gathered in September there would be a few rotten eggs being thrown. 3) Did anyone ever put a potato on the end of a stick and see how far you could fling the spud?

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Friday Quiz Question: Poyntzpass has a twin on the other side of the world. Does anyone know it’s name?

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Some copies of artifacts from yesterday evening’s Talk. Other than the photo taken last night, can you see anyone you know?

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We had a magnificent Talk tonight by Edwin Bryson on Taylorstown Point-to-Point races. Edwin described how it was first held in Mullaghglass near Goraghwood in 1932, then moved to Taylorstown in 1933. Throughout the years we were reminded of the many characters involved with the races: all creeds, classes, genders of jockeys, bookies, breeders and spectators. Everyone agreed that the Talk was very entertaining especially with Edwin’s own unique brand of humour. We also broke all records with just over 100 attendees. Well done Edwin!

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Thursday 5th January sees our first Talk of 2017. Edwin Bryson will reminisce about Taylorstown point to point races. See you all at 8pm in The Meeting Place.

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What is this? Did someone fall asleep on the floor during our AGM? No, its the Pass Players enacting their Christmas Rhymers show.

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Quick reminder. Our next meeting is our AGM on Thursday 1st December at 8pm in The Meeting Place, Poyntzpass. Looking forward to the entertainment. Everyone is welcome!

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