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February's Talk

February's Talk

Come and hear Dr Marshall give a talk on a History of Mountnorris, in the Meeting Place, Poyntzpass [...]
New Railway video

New Railway video

New Railway video upload to media page here. The replacement of Poyntzpass railway level crosssing g[...]
"Before I forget" issue 12  Magazine Launch

"Before I forget" issue 12 Magazine Launch

The gruesome murder in Liverpool, in 1929 of Loughbrickland-woman Alice McClory’, is recalled in the[...]

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It’s March. So next up is our own John Campbell who will be talking about the Pass in the Press on Thursday evening.

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Some members of the History Society Committee take ownership of an old Railway sign for Poyntzpass. The Totem, as it is known, was originally made in the engineering works in Dundalk for the station when it was first opened in the 1850s. There would have been six totems at Poyntzpass, three on each side of the tracks. The totem would have been black with white writing and made visible at night with by candle light. Sometime later the totem was later repainted with black letters on a white background.

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Committee member Bernadette Daly congratulates Dr Pamela Marshall after her eloquent and interesting talk on the History of the village of Mountnorris. Starting with the garrison fort in the 15th and 16th century, we were carried on a wonderful journey on the landscape, the people and the occupations. Well done Dr Pamela.

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Don’t forget! Dr Pamela Marshall will be giving a Talk on the History of Mountnorris on Thursday at 8pm. Remember, entry to our Talks is free of charge and everyone is welcome.

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Q. What do you get if you cross a medical person and a US law enforcement officer? A. You get Doctor Marshall. Come and hear Dr Marshall give a talk on a History of Mountnorris, in the Meeting Place, Poyntzpass at 8pm on Thursday 5th February

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I found this while rummaging through an old house (with the owner’s permission) in Loughadian. The mice must have found it tasty. Can anyone guess what year the event may have been held?

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Interesting video of the old railway gates being replaced by remote control gates in November 1996. And as the workmen said to each other “I hope this works”….. http://www.poyntzpass.co.uk/railway-level-crossing-video/

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Great Talk and great turn-out this evening. 81 people came to listen to John Best talk about farming from the 1950’s up to today. The subjects covered ranged across combine harvesters, tractors, cattle husbandry, crops (such as wheat, barley, oats, flax and linseed), biodiversity, water quality, paint balling and much more. There were lots of nostalgic moments as John remembered many of the locals who helped on the Best farm and their wisdom on world affairs.

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Just a reminder that our next Talk is on Thursday at 8pm in the Meeting Place, Poyntzpass.

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