Welcome to the Poyntzpass and District Local History Society Web Site. On this site you will find information about our society and some historical information about Poyntzpass and the surrounding District. This site will be continually expanded and improved. You can also find us on Facebook – details are at the bottom of this page. It is our hope that this site will bring the history of the area to as wide a selection of people as possible, so if you like this site please bookmark it and make sure to tell your friends.

You can Contact Us Here. Please note: We do try to answer our e-mails, but usually the load is too great. We also have families, pets, and day jobs. All we can do is try. Unfortunately Poyntzpass and District Local History Society does not carry out personal family history searches.


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"Before I forget" issue 14 Magazine Launch

Over 100 pages long and costing just £5 ‘Before I forget..’ is a genuine bargain and is sure to be a[...]

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Petty Sessions

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Poyntzpass Culture Night

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Poyntzpass Culture Night

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Poyntzpass Culture Night

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Our speaker tonight, David Griffin, used a device which some of our younger members may not be familiar with. It’s an Elmo Omnigraphic Slide Projector, and was very popular in the 1960s and 1970’s. Here is Rev Scott playing with the hardwired remote.

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Very interesting Talk tonight by David Griffin on the Whyte Family and the famine in Loughbrickland. David’s talk started with Marmaduke Whitechurch in the late 16th century, and finished with the Whyte family. Here is David along side our own John Lennon. Anything about Loughbrickland that David and John don’t know, is not worth knowing.

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Photos from Poyntzpass & District Local History Society's post

Thursday evening 9th August 2018. Some photos of our very enjoyable outing to this local National Trust property Derrymore House & Grounds, Bessbrook. A big thank you to our guide Rosemary

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Our local History Society trip to Iron Acton in Gloucestershire has commenced (with not too many hiccups). Iron Acton is where Sir Charles Poyntz came from, before making his home at one of the many passes across the Glan bog which runs from Newry to Portadown.

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Photos from our recent trip to Dungannon, the home of O’Neill

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