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Poyntzpass and District Local History Society has launched the 12th edition of its journal ‘Before I forget’
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Excellent Talk tonight kicking off our year. Cormac McSparron from Queen’s University Belfast spoke on the Danes Cast, The Dorsey and The Black Pigs Dyke. Lots of information, theories and proposals on the dates of construction of the earth works, their purpose and the tribes that lived in Ulster at that time.

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Just a quick reminder, that if you are at a loose end on Thursday evening 4th September then make sure to come along to our first Talk of the year starting at 8pm in the Meeting Place, Poyntzpass

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See the new piece of artwork erected on the Canal Bank in Poyntzpass below. Each part of the art work represents a bit of the history of Poyntzpass. Can you name what each part represents?

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Our Forthcoming Talks for 2014-15 ============================ SEPTEMBER 4th 2014 The Sara and Minnie Savage Memorial Talk: Ulster’s Linear Earthworks – The Dane’s Cast, the Black Pig’s Dyke and the Dorsey – by Cormac McSparron OCTOBER 2nd 2014 – Newry Canal: Past Present and Future – by Geraldine Foley NOVEMBER 6th 2014 – Judge Isaac Marston. From Loughadian to Corlust to Michigan – by Hugh Daly DECEMBER 4th 2014 – A.G.M. & Local Programme JANUARY 8th 2015 – 50 Years A-Growing. A Lifetime Farming around Poyntzpass – by John Best FEBRUARY 5th 2015 – A History of Mountnorris by Dr. Pamela Marshall MARCH 5th 2015 – What the Papers Said About Us. Local Stories from the Archives – by John Campbell APRIL 9th 2015 – “Over here” The Impact of World War II on the Poyntzpass area – by Helen Delahunty & Frank Watters

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A picture of Tandragee, kindly donated by Doris Woolsey.

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Here is a video of a Steam Engine’ss run from Poyntzpass to Dundalk. Plenty of places that I recognise! Turn up the sound and enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v74mKnk5uhI

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Our Society wishes to thank David Baker who recently retired from our committee for which he tirelessly performed the role of scribe and minute taker. In the picture we see our current chairperson Helena Gamble presenting David with some gifts

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We had over 70 attendees tonight entertained with a very interesting Talk by Jason Diamond about one of our local residents Major General Paddy Beaumont-Nesbitt of Lisnabrague (Union Lodge). The Major General was born in Tubberdaly, Co. Offaly and had a colourful career in the army starting in WW1 before retiring to the Poyntzpass area after WWII. Everyone attending seemed to have their own stories about Paddy, and some had recollection of a visit by the Queen Mother, although this is unproven.

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Don’t forget – next Talk to tomorrow evening (Thursday 3rd April) at 8pm in The Meeting Place. The subject of the Talk is Major-General Paddy Beaumont-Nesbitt of Lisnabrague – by Jason Diamond. Hope to see you there.

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Very interesting talk tonight by Brian McDonnell about letters written by his ancestor Michael Haughey in the 19th century. Interesting and colourful insight into life in county Armagh during the second half of that century. Did you know that after an arranged marriage (which many of them were) the bride was forbidden to visit her parents for the first month? And when she did visit her parents, it was accepted that she might not return to her new husband.

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