Maps of the Manor of Acton

Below are a set of links to maps of the Manor of Acton estate. In 1830 Colonel Maxwell Close from Drumbanagher Estate purchased the Manor of Acton and in 1831 he employed the services of Alexander Richmond to draw a map of his new estate. The whole map is too big to show as one, so the links below show parts of the map. The map was not drawn in the conventional north-south view but intead, the east of the estate is at the bottom of the map and the west of the estate is at the top of the map. The maps will open in a new tab, and are large so may take a while to load. What is of most interest is that the names of subtenants are on practically every field.

  • Map 1-1 showing the southern part of Aughantaraghan map 1-1
  • Map 1-2 showing the eastern part of Aughantaraghan map 1-2
  • Map 1-3 showing the village of Poyntzpass and surrounding townlands map 1-3
  • Map 1-4 showing Brannock and surrounding townlands map 1-4
  • Map 2-1 showing the main title and part of Carcrum map 2-1
  • Map 2-2 showing the upper part of Federnagh map 2-2
  • Map 2-3 showing the upper part of Tullynacross map 2-3
  • Map 2-4 showing the townland of Ballyreagh map 2-4
  • Map 3-1 showing the townland on Balleenan (Ballenan) map 3-1
  • Map 3-2 showing the townland of Ballynaleck map 3-2
  • Map 3-3 showing the townland of Tinneoaky (Tannyoky) map 3-3
  • Map 3-4 showing the townland of Tullylinn and Cruemore (Cremore) map 3-4
  • Map 4-1 showing the townlands of Corranair and Balleenan map 4-1
  • Map 4-2 showing the townland of Corranair and Rathconnell (Rathconvil) map 4-2
  • Map 4-3 showing the upper part of Rathconnell (Rathconvil) and Cruemore (Cremore) map 4-3
  • Map 4-4 showing the townland of Cruemore (Cremore) map 4-4
  • Map 5-1 showing the townlands of Creeve and Corranair map 5-1
  • Map 5-2 showing the townlands of Corranair and Lissnisk map 5-2
  • Map 5-3 showing the townlands of Lissnisk (Lisnisk) and Brackagh map 5-3
  • Map 5-4 showing the townlands of Carron and Brackagh map 5-4



The area covered by the overall map is shown in the picture below: